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The philosophy behind this extra 60/year is that if you figure it out, it undoes road rage.

The goal is to use every brick.

Bradley Method brothers drag kids to same Chic-fil-a after 4 years. I promise he hasn’t aged a day!

Worst game of Mahjong everrrr.

Governor Hogan gave our family a citation for crushing it for the past three centuries without a permit 🚔

Palak Paneer + Margherita pizza.

3 day build by my 4yo


We’re gonna make it!!!

“Mommy I see you on the sign!”

Independence Day Bubbles

We brought two mixes:

1gal “classic” BLM (link)
1gal HECP (link) with modifications:

a.) BLM boil-mix method of powder + 300g water;
a.) 120g, not 180g for Dawn 3x Ultra. See comments here: (link);
b.) HEC was purchased a year ago through Amazon; “Eisen-Golden Laboratories” is what’s on the label. Scant Google results.

I am experimenting with a JSON object to capture bubbling data. This is an experimental solution to a recent discussion of a “chart” for optimal mix ratios. Basically, we need an app to show default values for atmosphere-localized conditions, then adjusted based on app user-populated objects and the analyzed data from them, and the ratios will calculate themselves. Here’s the sheet. The OpenCV is the part of the app that measures the size of a bubble in a snapshot or video clip. Please leave feedback.

I thought religious slogans plastered on the back of cars were preachy and tacky. Until now.

I’m so Hidden Valley

…you can catch me out in Rivendell // You didn’t go to Cali, so you can burn with Ken’s in dressin’ Hell🔥

Bitcoin Donation

Don’t know where it came from, but thank you, and thank you for being so generous. I’ll spend it solely on gadgetry for my classroom!


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DIY VR Headset

DC Row House Development

#rowhouse #development in #hyattsville #maryland #savethetrees #savethebricks

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He took “Polycarp” since Homer and Lee are pagan. So. Saint Homer Lee Polycarp Twigg V. Then y’alls kids can use Homer as a saint’s name.

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A thousand answers to my problems sit behind those eyes.

Animal testing lab freed by hyper intelligent species of baboons

Bachelors: give me 30 seconds.

I am living proof and testament that you can have a ton of kids, right away, without a clue, on 50k/year, in an overpriced city, and STILL not sacrifice a life of PLAY. In fact, I have to try harder to make room for play than I try to work, mostly because I don’t mind working my ass off. So don’t be scared of getting married and making light of child birth. Good love is like baseball, and these kids are all homers, not injuries. These kids and this queen of mine make me feel, in mind, body, wisdom, confidence and curiosity the same today at 32 as I did at 19. My back hurts more and I have a graying beard, but Anderson Cooper is pretty darn handsome and maybe I just need more time on my belly. It’s never to late to start having a happy childhood🤴🏽 PS: if you get a job

at a place that cultivates play, then you won’t have to pay for toys, and it’s actually an identical situation to being 10 and getting a new LEGO set. #thankyougod #makerbot #dematha #relativ #relativvr


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Makin’ Do Dollhouse



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Does this count as trolling? 🧐 #V

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Adorientem Snacking / Liturgical Potty-training #nofilter