Claimroot: Arguement schema crawler



Goal: make arguing online more objectified. (Or a stronger claim in the future)


within <p> tags, two things should happen:

w3c ought to adapt a “footnote” attribute in <a> tags, as a means of backing a claim, statement or arguement. Positive integer. This will allow the temporary delaying of an underlined <a> link from being underlined, but rather being cited using standarized apa notation.

<footnote> tags, below a given <p> tag, itemize the variables for an apa notation, according to source format. Easybib offers a good variety of these.

Any claim with a claim principally online should include date of access. Then, a URL is given.

Claimroot counts how many time a URL is referenced by a claim. Max 100 chars.


My blog: <p> Climate change is <a footnote=”1″>real</a>

<footnote id=”1″></footnote>

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