Don’t be scared of Ron Paul



From this blog post:

Ron Paul may preach getting out of everyone elses’ backyard, but covert and special forces missions in conjunction with Mossad will happen and continue to happen on a more frequent basis, as we saw just a few days ago at the nuke plant. I like that style of warfare. Let’s send in small groups to do big damage to evil, rather than putting 200,000 men in the desert.

Just like Obama, the manila folders that land on any president’s desk will drastically change what actually gets implemented, and what gets talked about a lot.

The link is to a video that is just clips of GWB running in 2000. He almost perfectly articulates RP’s own foreign policy. I think both men are correct. A dozen 9/11s won’t change my belief that this version of GWB’s foriegn policy continues to be the best chance we have today. As a sustainable policy for the country, and as something which the republican brand desperately needs.

Iran’s threat is real and it might be imminent. But we will never really know just what intel is out there, and how it’s being acted upon. A President Paul simply wouldn’t have the means to just yank the carpet out from under the military, although sending hundreds of thousands of soldiers into foreign countries for “nation building” would be a thing of the past. I welcome that policy with open arms.

Another thing: We just suspended millions of dollars to a nuclear-armed country who is giving shelter to the very people we are actually fighting at the moment. That seems like a more immanent threat than the Iranians trying to keep the sand out of their beakers long enough to figure out how to make a bomb.

There’s also North Korea (remember them?!). Are we going to send in soldiers to these two countries? What if Russia defends Iran or NK? Active American foreign policy is an endless rabbit hole of hypotheticals, and a great platform to run on is to say that you will engage it as little as possible. I think it’s over-the-top to say that a vote for a person means everyone gets nuked.

No, pulling out of every conflict area in the world won’t make some of the leaders and imams of Islamic countries stop seeking the restoration of the caliphate, or the subjugation of secularism in the world, or the end of democracy. But it does seem like these days, every tyranny that that is shattered is replaced with something worse. We certainly aren’t making the world any happier with all the money we are pouring out. So, let’s try something differet.

I guess making two posts defending Ron Paul now cristens me as a ‘PaulBot’. I’m thirsty– someone get me some koolaid?

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