My mind falls deaf seeking my own pleasures,
I abondon your genorsity!
My bones are powder; the earth shakes at my feet.
Your echo reminds me you are near.

Grant me – make me whole, and let me praise you for what sustains my life
for the creator of heaven knows more purely our hearts than we.
I weep for I know not what is good for me, and I want what is not.
But you, LORD know the hairs on my head.

My salvation is in Your hands
Count me among your beloved
For I deserve it not but yearn for Your rays of truth
like a spruce tree pining for light
Blessed be our LORD, who made heaven and earth!


Good is the LORD, for he has planted all things to grow and sustains them
We are given the gift of grace; the world is sustained

Suffer not the restlessness of your own creation
and show us the mercy and not justice of your will.
For You forget not the burdens of our lives,
but hear our prayers as turbulant incense smoke
Continue your blessings until the Son of Man comes again!

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