Million Dollar App Idea




Migratesong syncs, say, the bird identifier based on zip code, to an archive of birdsongs (such as weBIRD or birdjam) while tracking your location. For each species of bird, there are a version or two of the different songs which each bird makes (alert, mating, etc.). Once installed, the app will automatically change your phone alerts to the sound of a bird native to the region you are in. Different contacts can be set to rotate through different birds, be one bird, one type of call (say, a mating call for your beau) or simply one sound. When the app icon is tapped, Migratesong displays a timeline of the most recent birdsongs and a picture of their singer, so that when the user hears a song he or she is particularly attracted to, more info can be easily obtained and variables set (i.e. “Always play this song for this contact” or “I never want to hear that bird again.”)

Future development would include making the birdsong correspond to the area code of the caller, incorporating a streamlined version of weBIRD’s identification system and user-submitted recordings.

Wide use of this application would change the cultural phenomenon of the interrupting alert/text/phone call forever. If 100 people in a room texted each other, it would sound like a sanctuary, not a cacophony. Whoa.



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