Back in the Eternal City

DJ MF has been cranking out beats faster than I can count, so it’s time for me to step up, do more updates and keep the limited fan base entertained. Below is some funk not ready for the project, but makes the soul feel good. Feels good to be refreshed – being back in Italy […]

Untitled Waste II

Second installment in the various pieces I’ve done with no home, no father, no nothin’. These don’t make the cut to the Odyssey project, aren’t funky enough for Philly Tea, but nevertheless come into being because I hear a wild sample or twist some knobs and make a nice noise. ENJOY.

Yanick Paquette + Odysseus

A little eye candy from a DC / Marvel penciller, Yanick Paquette

Madlib & J.Rocc @ Circolo Degli Artisti

For those of you tuned in, you may have noticed lots of layout and content changes, but few blog posts. I’ve been spending the creative energies on beats and learning enough tech know-how to manage this site, though I’d greatly appreciate someone who’d like to step up. Last night madlib & J.Rocc played at Circolo […]

Book XXII (Slaughter in the Hall) feat. GZA
Inspired by Naples

Soon enough (once I figure out these plugins), I’ll upload pictures and some stories. For now, a non-verbal summary of my trip.

An explanation

Here are a few pointers I gave out to my boy Rich Jones after he made the decision to get involved with this beast of a project. These guidelines apply to all the tracks. In the future, I’ll lay this all out on a FAQ, once I figure out how to make a FAQ while […]

Untitled Waste Mix

Dear Blog, My brain is about to explode from the unfinished product and irons in the fire. Therefore, rather than finishing any of them, I’m throwing them all together into one giant crapfest of beats: Untitled Waste Mix <3

Full Time Funk Vol. 4 (Red Blazer, broken Handles Mix)

Good evening everybody. This is my new mix. There are grown-up words in it. Comments always appreciated. Featuring: Sadat X Median Away Team Panama Gat Saukrates Koushik Dr. Dre BDP Dilla Madlib Black Milk Common J-Spliff Mike & Ike Nina Simone Moka Only Cryptic One Marsimoto (German, Brigitte) Illa J Hocus Pocus Lee Mason DJ […]

& some panoramas

On top of the previous post, I’ve taken some pictures and stictched them together, creating 90-270 degree panoramas. Warning: They’re big in size, but worth the wait if you want an in-the-moment view from cyberspace. The shop The centro Castelluccio (bottom center) & Mt. Vittore Castelluccio (left) and clear skies

Day in the life

An average day in paradise: I wake up at around 7AM. This is my room: A view from the window. It’s all fog in the morning, but what looks white actually gives way to a beautiful mountain backdrop after the sun has been up for a few hours: Then it’s off to class. I’ve been […]

Mission Statement

Okay, sorry for not writing more to those two people who check this blog. I’ll be better; it’s not as busy now. Many people have asked me what exactly I do here. So, I’ve been asked by the prior to write a mission statment for the store, and I feel like it neatly answers that […]

Book IIX + Busta Rhymes

Note: I dropped the lyrics to demonstrate syllable placement. Nobody does it like bus. But–and let me be very explicit in a different way–content like this will NOT be on the cd. Note #2: Busta Rhymes: Please rap book IIX for me. “In time, when hunger and thirst were turned away, the Muse brought to […]

New Beat: Book XII

‘So far so good,’ said she, when I had ended my story, ‘and now pay attention to what I am about to tell you- heaven itself, indeed, will recall it to your recollection. First you will come to the Sirens who enchant all who come near them. If any one unwarily draws in too close […]

New beat: Book X

“Homeward you think we must be sailing to our own land; no elsewhere is the voyage Kirk has laid upon me. We must go to the cold homes of death and pale Persephone to hear Teiresias tell of time to come.” Listen Now

A second shot at those shots

Haven’t gotten all the kinks out of this blog yet. Here are the promised pictures. Florence . . Norcia . . .

Florence & Il Centro

It’s been an increasingly busy few days since I’ve caught up on Jet Lag and started sleeping through the night. The most difficult part has not been staying asleep, but rather getting to bed before midnight (and preferably at 10:00PM)– something I haven’t done regularly since I was nine or ten years old. On Wednesday […]

On a walkabout

Peace be to everyone reading this from across the pond and the occasional internet drifter. I’ve been in Norcia since about 2:00PM local time yesterday, though my body is quite unsure what time it is. The trip started at a brisk pace in Indianapolis, and got off with only a few hitches. Delta has lowered […]

Moving in

Well, this is the beginning of a long series of headaches and geeking out. This will be the home of frequent musings about the trip — short, simple and informative. It will also be the home of update reporting on the odyssey project and development. I’ve got something like 600gb worth of samples to move […]