Here’s a stamp that I’ve been working on. I’m going to scour etsy (per inspiration from Jocelyn) for someone who will clean it up and produce it. Are you that person? Send me an email.

The stamp itself is a bit of a bastard blend of types and eras. The monogram “T” itself is Insular Majuscule, while the Roman numerals corresponding to the wedding year are from…Rome. And not England. But that’s part of my story, and ours by extension.

There is a vine that wraps around the T. Following the excellent work by Stefan Oliver in his book, I can select from his list of floral illumination themes a set of flowers that have represented different emotions and expressions of piety medeival manuscripts. I’d like the three flowers to be:

  • Snowdrop (representing hope)
  • Rose (representing romantic love)
  • Pear blossom (representing friendship)


Of course the stamp wouldn’t be able to get a lot of the details. But just getting the petals and general shape would be great. I’d take care of coloring the stamens/stigmas and the red rose for each press.

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