To-do list

This is a list I’ve had in my wallet for the past three years. Almost all of these are recommendations from others. I’ve found that the best stuff I’ve read has been because I’ve written down when someone tells me about it. The little strip of paper I’ve been writing all this down on is almost too hard to read now, so I’m putting it into the cloud, the Valhalla of data.

To Watch

The Fisherking
Non ti muovere
Roma città aperta
Romano criminale
Che ne sara di noi

To Read

Narcissus and Goldmund
Meditations on Liturgy (Bugnini)
Le poesie del Prof. Morelli
Theodora Guerin
Robert Pelton
Ed Abbey – Desert Solitare
David Steindl – Rast
Anscombe – Intention
Spirit of the Liturgy (both)
Crime & Punishment
Better Off
Fr. Benedict Ashley
David Foster Wallace
Antonio Gramsci
The Fortieth Door (Bradley)
Elizabeth Jennings
Mary Oliver
Wendell Berry
Wilfrid Hodges – Logic
Fatherless – Bryan Gail


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