Bachelors: give me 30 seconds.

by homer

I am living proof and testament that you can have a ton of kids, right away, without a clue, on 50k/year, in an overpriced city, and STILL not sacrifice a life of PLAY. In fact, I have to try harder to make room for play than I try to work, mostly because I don’t mind working my ass off. So don’t be scared of getting married and making light of child birth. Good love is like baseball, and these kids are all homers, not injuries. These kids and this queen of mine make me feel, in mind, body, wisdom, confidence and curiosity the same today at 32 as I did at 19. My back hurts more and I have a graying beard, but Anderson Cooper is pretty darn handsome and maybe I just need more time on my belly. It’s never to late to start having a happy childhood🤴🏽 PS: if you get a job

at a place that cultivates play, then you won’t have to pay for toys, and it’s actually an identical situation to being 10 and getting a new LEGO set. #thankyougod #makerbot #dematha #relativ #relativvr


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