Independence Day Bubbles



We brought two mixes:

1gal “classic” BLM (link)
1gal HECP (link) with modifications:

a.) BLM boil-mix method of powder + 300g water;
a.) 120g, not 180g for Dawn 3x Ultra. See comments here: (link);
b.) HEC was purchased a year ago through Amazon; “Eisen-Golden Laboratories” is what’s on the label. Scant Google results.

I am experimenting with a JSON object to capture bubbling data. This is an experimental solution to a recent discussion of a “chart” for optimal mix ratios. Basically, we need an app to show default values for atmosphere-localized conditions, then adjusted based on app user-populated objects and the analyzed data from them, and the ratios will calculate themselves. Here’s the sheet. The OpenCV is the part of the app that measures the size of a bubble in a snapshot or video clip. Please leave feedback.

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  1. Brian Lawrence

    I’m curious what your take is on what “classic BLM Mix” means. Just looking at the link, it’s hard for me to tell. It seems like it shouldn’t be, given who I am.

    Ciao – Brian

    PS. Feel free to publish my particulars. I may re-post any follow-up to SBF, so you might as well post it there.