Independence Day Bubbles

by homer

We brought two mixes:

1gal “classic” BLM (link)
1gal HECP (link) with modifications:

a.) BLM boil-mix method of powder + 300g water;
a.) 120g, not 180g for Dawn 3x Ultra. See comments here: (link);
b.) HEC was purchased a year ago through Amazon; “Eisen-Golden Laboratories” is what’s on the label. Scant Google results.

I am experimenting with a JSON object to capture bubbling data. This is an experimental solution to a recent discussion of a “chart” for optimal mix ratios. Basically, we need an app to show default values for atmosphere-localized conditions, then adjusted based on app user-populated objects and the analyzed data from them, and the ratios will calculate themselves. Here’s the sheet. The OpenCV is the part of the app that measures the size of a bubble in a snapshot or video clip. Please leave feedback.