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The goal is to use every brick.

Bradley Method brothers drag kids to same Chic-fil-a after 4 years. I promise he hasn’t aged a day!

Worst game of Mahjong everrrr.

Governor Hogan gave our family a citation for crushing it for the past three centuries without a permit 🚔

Palak Paneer + Margherita pizza.

3 day build by my 4yo


We’re gonna make it!!!

“Mommy I see you on the sign!”

I thought religious slogans plastered on the back of cars were preachy and tacky. Until now.

I’m so Hidden Valley

…you can catch me out in Rivendell // You didn’t go to Cali, so you can burn with Ken’s in dressin’ Hell🔥

Bitcoin Donation

Don’t know where it came from, but thank you, and thank you for being so generous. I’ll spend it solely on gadgetry for my classroom!

D.C.’s Static Disruptors: The Go-Go Band That Didn’t Fit In

Rosen, my patron saint. Source: D.C.’s Static Disruptors: The Go-Go Band That Didn’t Fit In

DeMatha High School on Instagram: “Mr. Twigg’s Gold Challenge.”

“Mr. Twigg’s Gold Challenge.” Who’s with me? (There’s silver and bronze levels too)Read more


This little girl trying to say ‘perfect’ is hilarious… Read more

9th Wonder

In Case You Missed It…… #RhyThmRoulette Read more

Mysterious dude in Iowa is following Ted Cruz around and accusing him of liking Nickelback

Ted Cruz likes Nickelback, if you believe a mysterious protester in Iowa. Read more

Монгол Бодол

Хэдэн хүүхэд байна тоолоорой 🙂 Тоолж чадсан нь Share 🙂 “Hey guys I got 4 wheel drive who wants to go do donuts in the police parking lot?”Read more

Monks of Norcia / I Monaci di Norcia

Monk’s beer now available in America!Read more

Order of the Most Holy Trinity

Continue to pray and advocate for the Christian community in the Middle East who suffer persecution by ISIS. Read more


The Bush-Reagan Republican primary debate over illegal immigration played out very differently in 1980 than it’s playing out now. #GOPdebate Read more

Funk You

Hahahaha lol.. Have you ever done this in School? I refer to the moving desks and footsie who-dun-it my students play as “tectonic shift.”Read more


Instead of giving citations to homeless people for panhandling, Albuquerque is giving them money for their work, and this new initiative is helping. (via Mayor Richard J. Berry) Read more

Chanting monks become bestselling recording artists

The sound of Gregorian chants filled the valley and town of Norcia, Italy, until 1810. That’s when the 9th century Basilica went silent because of laws imposed on the monks under the new Napoleonic code. It took several hundred years, but an American has brought music back to this sacred place in It… Congrats, Monks […]


When you mess up but keep your cool Read more