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The goal is to use every brick.

Bradley Method brothers drag kids to same Chic-fil-a after 4 years. I promise he hasn’t aged a day!

Worst game of Mahjong everrrr.

Governor Hogan gave our family a citation for crushing it for the past three centuries without a permit 🚔

Palak Paneer + Margherita pizza.

3 day build by my 4yo


We’re gonna make it!!!

“Mommy I see you on the sign!”

I thought religious slogans plastered on the back of cars were preachy and tacky. Until now.


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DIY VR Headset

He took “Polycarp” since Homer and Lee are pagan. So. Saint Homer Lee Polycarp Twigg V. Then y’alls kids can use Homer as a saint’s name.

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A thousand answers to my problems sit behind those eyes.

Animal testing lab freed by hyper intelligent species of baboons

Animal testing lab freed by hyper intelligent species of baboons #12monkeys #twelvemonkeys #duplos #paternity #snowday #snowdaze A post shared by Homer Twigg (@homerltwiggiv) on Mar 21, 2018 at 12:26pm PDT

Bachelors: give me 30 seconds.

I am living proof and testament that you can have a ton of kids, right away, without a clue, on 50k/year, in an overpriced city, and STILL not sacrifice a life of PLAY. In fact, I have to try harder to make room for play than I try to work, mostly because I don’t mind […]


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Does this count as trolling? 🧐 #V

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Adorientem Snacking / Liturgical Potty-training #nofilter

Miriam drew it during Mass and Karate Jesus giving this kid the business ruined any chance of me thinking like an adult today. Hope you #giggle like me

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#acts2 @franciscus #marchforlife

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I bet you your wife makes good food too.

But does your wife’s cooking make you contemplate quitting your job and taking out a loan to start a restaurant centered around #cauliflower because the soup is so #? #foodporn #soup #garnishes #idontevenlikecauliflower #snowday A post shared by Homer Twigg (@homerltwiggiv) on Jan 4, 2018 at 10:39am PST via Instagram

DC Strip Mall

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Funniest license plate I’ve ever risked my life to get a pic of. You’re welcome. #dude #ufoos #DooDooDooDoo

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You can keep your white linens and sad 🥗 and give us an evening of ribs. #noplates #hotdates #coolerthan #iceskates #dontworry #scotchisfordaddy #ribs #grants #feels

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